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Memory Tutorial

Material required:

– Memory Panel
– Wadding
– Cord

  1. Cut all the pieces of the panel. In total you will have 18 pieces to make 16 pieces of the set, a bag to keep them and 2 labels.
  1. To make the labels:
    • Cut the labels.
    • Fold the labels, facing them printed side to printed side.
    • Sew the two sides leaving a seam allowance of 0.7 cm (“machine stitch”).
    • Turn the labels and iron them.
  1. To make the bag:
  • Overcast the entire perimeter of the fabric.
  • Fold the piece in half, printed side to printed side, place the label between the two sides (in the position you prefer) and sew the sides leaving a seam of 1 cm per side.
  • Iron the seams on both sides to open them. On the 2 seams sew a “U” 5cm from the opening. With the unstitcher or a pair of scissors open 4.5cm from the inside of the “U” you have sewn.
  • To make the flap where the drawstring will pass through, make a double hem or double fold at the opening of the bag. One of 0.5cm (which will be hidden) and one of 4.5cm. Stitch, thread a cord through and tie a knot at both ends of the cord.
  • Turn the bag.
  1. To make the game pieces:
  • Cut 16 squares of butata a little larger than the size of the pieces in the set.
  • Face the 2 parts of each piece (stamped face to stamped face) and place them centered on top of a square of buata.
  • Sew all around the perimeter of the square (leaving as few seams as possible), except for 3 cm at the base, which you will leave open to be able to turn the piece. Cut off the overhanging butata from the printed fabrics.
  • Turn the piece over, sew (by hand or machine – recommended by hand) the opening you have left in the base, previously tucking the fabric inwards to hide it.
  • Stitch a backstitch about 0.5 cm from the edge along the entire length of the piece.
  • Repeat this process for all parts.

And that’s it!

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