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Sandwich Cook Tutorial

Material required:

  • Sandwich Cook Panel
  • Thin wadding
  • Wadding for pillow stuffing (very small amount)
  • Apron tape
  1. Cut out all the pieces following the drawing, leaving no seam allowance.
  1. To sew each ingredient:
  • Face printed face to printed face and put wadding underneath. We recommend using thin wadding.
  • Sew around the perimeter leaving a small opening for turning.
  • Ironing and turning
  • Blindstitch sewing
  1. To sew the hamburger bun:
  • Do the same as with the ingredients, but put a little cushion filling to give it some more volume, as the muffins have.
  1. For sewing pita bread:
  • Do the same as with the other ingredients and once sewn and made the invisible stitch, insert the crumb part of the bread into the crust part.
  1. To make the paper for wrapping the sandwiches:
  • Cut along the pattern without seam allowance and sew a thick zigzag around the entire perimeter.
  1. To sew the apron:
  • Make a narrow hem around the entire perimeter and tape the sides and neck.
  • And that’s it!
    Ready to cook! .
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