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Tutorial Reversible Kimono by la blu

Material required:

  • Pattern of the Reversible Kimono by la blu
  • 3 m of printed la blu fabric: 1.5 m for each side of the kimono
  1. For each side of the kimono cut 150 cm of fabric 140 cm wide.
  1. Fold the fabric in half on the grain line, printed side against printed side.
  1. Position the 3 pattern pieces as shown in the figure.
    It is very important to position the back piece in the fold of the fabric as indicated in the pattern.
    Put pins and mark the pieces.
  1. Cut the pieces
  1. There will be 5 pieces: 1 back, 2 front and 2 sleeves.
  1. Place the front pieces over the back piece printed face to printed face and match the shoulders and sides. Fix with pins. Sew the two shoulders and the two sides with a 1 cm seam allowance.
  1. Fold the sleeves on the grain line printed face to printed face and sew from the armhole to the sleeve mouth with a seam allowance of 1 cm.
  1. Iron the body and sleeve seams to open them.
  1. Enter the sleeve between the back and the front (printed face to printed face) to fit the sleeve armhole to the body armhole. Match the sleeve seam to the side seam of the body and fix with a pin. Continue pinning by matching the sleeve armhole perimeter with the body armhole perimeter. The top of the sleeve must match the shoulder seam of the body.
    Sew around the perimeter leaving a seam allowance of 1 cm. Repeat the process with the other sleeve.
    We already have one side of the reversible la blu kimono made.
  1. Repeat the whole process with the other side of the kimono.
    We already have both sides of our reversible la blu Kimono.
  1. Turn one of the kimonos right side out and insert it inside the other, printed face to printed face, matching all perimeters and seams.
  1. Put pins to fix the two sides of the kimono as shown in the figure.
  1. Topstitch to set in seams (stitch width 3) on the sides of the front and collar. Do not sew the bottom of the kimono or the sleeve openings.
  1. At the bottom of the kimono make a 2 cm hem, tucking 1 cm inwards. Sew it . Repeat the same for the other side of the Kimono.
  1. Turn the kimono right side out. Insert your hand between the 2 sides of the kimono through the bottom of the kimono that has been left open and pull the sleeves from the left side out. They will come out with the unprinted side out.
  1. Face the openings of the two left sleeve cuffs, printed side to printed side, and, matching the two seams, pin all the way around with pins. Sew at 1cm.
    Do the same with the sleeves on the right side. Once the sleeves are sewn on, return them to their normal position.
  1. Make a decorative or presser foot stitch (stitch width of 3) around the sleeve openings and around the opening and collar of the kimono.

And you already have your reversible la blu kimono!

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