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About Us

It is often said of many projects that they are born of a passion. la blu, however, it is not born of one passion, but of two. Anna‘s, who has spent a lifestime designing prints for leading brands with a well-known and recognised personal style. And Laura‘s, an expert in product and process innovation for enterprises and a big lover of fabrics and everything that can be done with them. Two sisters, two passions.

The question is unavoidable: why didn’t we do it before? Who knows, maybe we needed to reach the right stage of maturity in our respective professional careers to give the best of ourselves in this adventure that we have embarked on with all the enthusiasm in the world.

And this is how la blu was born. With the aspiration to offer enthusiasm, harmony, boldness, inspiration, quality and simplicity to every one of you who make the world a more beautiful place by combining fabrics and sewing.

If you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy creating and designing them, we will have achieved our purpose.

la blu, a beautiful world.

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